Tuesday, November 20, 2007

some issues

I seem to be having some issues with Mediafire
alot of my files are getting deleted.
and i am having trouble uploading my own too.

I am sorry this is taking so long.
but when i get all these issues worked out I plan on doing the long awaited FOLK post
and one of Foreign Screamo

I am thinking of maybe taking request too.
so if you have suggestions let me know.

i am STILL in need of someone who'd like to write on this with me.
Please let me know if you have any desire to.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Nas is my favorite rapper of all time, so it is must that i do a post dedicated to him.

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Nas - Hip-Hop Is Dead

Nas' Latest album.
some claim it was one of the best. I've even heard top 3. I personally don't think so, but still good. A nice wake up call to all the Hip-Hoppers of our time.


Nas - Illmatic

Nas' first album.
This Album is a CLASSIC
by all standards.
One of the best hip-hop albums of all time, if not THE best.
Even though it is very short it is something that you could hit repeat on and not get bored.

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Nas - It Was Written
Nas' Second Album
I don't feel like writing about this one.
good shit though


Nas - Nastradamus
bscly same thing
but not as good.


Nas - Stillmatic
probably my favorite Nas release
and probably my favorite hip-hop album
this album is epic az fuck
get it right fucking now.

El-P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead


El-P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead

This is one of my favorite releases this year.
Every song on here is amazing. El-P shows that white boyz CAN rap. The build up on some of these songs are so amazing I feel like I just had sex by the end of the song. It is so epic. Lyrically it blows my mind, with metaphors that make me want to cry out of confusion and a flow that blows you away, you are guaranteed to love this album

Nujabes - Metaphorical Music

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Nujabes - Metaphorical Music

Enough said. This album is amazing Nujabes blends amazingly chill Jazz with some tight beats. The Lyrics are superb and surprisingly catchy. This is probably the most original thing I've heard in a while, even though Jazz in Hip-Hop is old news, this takes it to a fresh level, making it so chill, that I could listen to it while falling asleep. This is also the guy who does the soundtrack for Samurai Champloo, giving you some insight as to what it sounds like. this is something that fans of all types of hip-hop would enjoy, including Golden-Age fan boys.


Friday, October 5, 2007

Assfactor 4 - Self-Titled

Assfactor 4 - Self-Titled

Assfactor 4. Fast. Loud. Chaotic. In Your Face.
Assfactor 4's self-titled albums is a classic to me. It was one of the first albums i got that was of that chaotic kind of hardcore, that still hard some melodic tints to it. It is not an album that makes me violent, but passionate. It is some that I could fight to, if i felt strongly about what I was fighting for, I could also see myself making sweet loves to a lady while jammin to this album. This album seems to be all over the place but yet some how tied together. It is simply amazing to me and a pure classic. So next time you're about to get it on with your lady turn them and see how it goes.



To those who didn't know Orchid is pretty much the best band ever, and this album is pretty much the best one by them. Chaos Is Them. despite what you've heard otherwise. They are Chaotic Screamo to the X-treme! This is the kind of shit you crank until your head goes numb and you can't hear anything anymore.They probably have some of the best lyrics around too. Will Killingsworth is amazing at his guitar work and shreds it like no other. Also Jayson Green's voice rapes small children. This album is something that you party to. regardless of what you've been told. Chaos to the max man. ORCHID OWNS YOUR MOTHER'S SOUL. nothing more to be said

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Emery - I Am Only A Man

Emery - I Am Only A Man

Tisk. Tisk. Tisk.
Dear Emery,

WTF HAPPENED!?!?! You were the only Tooth & Nail Records band that didn't suck cock! I actually enjoyed your catchy jamz and cheesy lyrics, and then you go and blow it! srsly! WTF?!


But in all srs-ness album blows. Such a bore. Can't get into it. and Emery has a totally different, way shittier sound.

Brand New - Deja Entendu

Brand New - Deja Entendu

As much (or little) it my surprise some of you I AM a fan of this album. Brand New has won over the hearts of countless teenage girls, but it also won mine over too. This Album is Brand New's best release, regardless of how much you like The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me. This album makes my panties wet. "Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Doesn't" is a song that reminds me of how I am better than most everyone. It is a sarcastic jibe at all the people in music who think they are better than everyone (they clearly haven't met me AMIRITE?!?!). Overall whether you're 13 or 30 male or female, this album will make your panties wet remind you of how awesome I am.

Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends

Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends

Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friend's release has been the only good one to date. If you don't love this album you are not a real person. This album was the soundtrack to my 8th grade. It is so catchy and full of memory-filled songs. This album is amazing for drunken sing-a-longs and long road trips. I know every single word to this album and still to this day will pop it in and sing my heart out. I don't really need to tell you about how amazing this album is, and if i do you should probably abort life.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Funeral Diner - Doors Open

So I guess Funeral Diner is a big deal to some people, or something like that. Surprisingly enough this EP is the only release I have of theirs, if anyone has some full lengths they'd like to share please let me know.

Doors Open is a five song EP that the band self-released earlier this year, pressing out only 1000 copies so far. It starts off with This Wrath, which itself starts off with some wicked mad drum playing. Hearing Seth Babb's vocals reminded me of too many other bands, maybe I just can't hear but I swear this guy does the vocals for so many other bands. But since this band's releases all came out before the other bands, I think it would be fair to say that they all ripped off this Seth's style. Which makes sense, seeing as how Seth pulls it off the best. The guitar work on this album is also very generic sounding these days. This album to me sounds just like 30 other ones, to be honest i am not finding anything impressive about this EP at all. Although I am not saying that this EP is bad, if you are into this sort of music (which sadly I am) then you'll be sure to like this EP. Just don't be expecting anything groundbreaking or original.

Jurassic 5 - Quality Control

Word. Hip-Hop yo. I know many people like to be ignorant and generalize rap, but it is time for a change. Listen to this album, let these funky beats from a post-civilization era, where dinosaurs and random black guys with mics, turntables, and recording equipment roam the world, change your opinion about hip-hop.

Jurassic 5 might be the best rap group out now, if not ever. With Chali 2na, Akil, Zaakir, Mark 7even, on the mics and DJ Nu-Mark on the turntables this group is unstoppable. And Quality Control is the best album by this fresh group. With choruses that you are guaranteed to be singing all day, and rhymes so fly you will be blown away. This album is chalked full of great songs, my personal favorites being "The Influence" and "Lausd." "The Influence" is a fun song with a chorus that is hauntingly catchy. It sounds almost like a song that would be played at a block party. "Lausd" is a song about LA and also Jurassic's personal beliefs about making it big. This is an amazing album, and won't disappoint you whether you are brand new to the Hip-Hop scene or an old skooler.

Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog


I have never listened to Iron & Wine, but someone sent me a copy of this album and that person is now a personal hero.

This is a leak of the upcoming third album by Sam Beam's Iron & Wine, the album is due out September 25th, 2007. It starts out strong with one of the best songs on the album "Pagan
Angel and a Borrowed Car" which has a nice catchy tune to it. It is an excellent driving song. "Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog)" is my complete favorite on this album, maybe I am just playing favorites because I sat under the stairs with an amazingly stunning girl, watching fireworks to this song, or maybe it is because this song shows of Sam's HUGE lack of not having talent. It is a nice mellow song, to just kick back and relax to. The last song I'll do is the first single of the album "Boy with a Coin". This song is so catchy it is unreal, if you are not clapping along with this song you are a prude. This song also really showcases Sam's amazing voice. This is the kind of song that you could sit up in your high rise flat, sip wine, and just watch the world end too. It is so calm, but also has that dark air to it. This song was perfect to pick as a single.

This being my first Iron & Wine album I can't compare it to the others. But if you like talent, catchy jamz, and songs you can just kick back and relax to then this album is for you. It is truly amazing and Sam Beam is one of the most skilled musicians out there making music today.

KRS-ONE and Marley Marl - Hip Hop Lives

THIS ALBUM IS EPIC. Enough said. Stop reading right now and go out and BUY this album.

Hip Hop Lives is a response to Nas' Hip Hop is Dead. KRS and Marley Marl team up, ending a feud from 20 years ago. Marley Marl was part of the Juice Crew and KRS part of BDP, two crews that started what is said to be the first "hip hop beef." Marley Marl is an excellent producer revolutionizing hip hop by being the first to use James Brown samples in his beats. KRS-ONE is the best MC ever in my opinion.

This album lives up to it's name, proving to all that Hip Hop is far from dead. The title track is the direct response to Nas' track, but it also describes what hip hop is to KRS. It explains that hip hop isn't music it is much more, it is an intelligence movement. "Nothing New" is a song about new rappers coming on to the scene doing the same thing as everyone else. It also contains my favorite line from the album: "If rap was a toilet, I would of already shitted." "I was there..." is a song to all the Hip Hop historians who tell the story of Hip Hop from things they hear, not from things they saw. "Musika" is my least favorite track, the production is amazing, I love the trumpet but I guess it is the rapping in Spanish, which i am not a fan of. "Rising to the Top" is probably my favorite track off this album. It is a song about KRS's beginnings and how Mr. Magic turned him down, and told him that his songs were whack but he continued making songs and turned into the best MC around. The production on this song is amazing, it shows off the talent of Marley Marl and proves that this duo is one of the best one you'll hear ever. "Over 30" is a song to all the older people of hip hop showing the world that age can't stop greatness. "Kill A Rapper" is a song for all the MCs who were killed and the cops did nothing to solve the case. It brings up many good points. "The Teacha's Back" is another one of my favorites, make sure you have the bass turned up all the way for this one. This song most be so awesome live, one of these days I will see him, it'd be nice if he was playing at Rock the Bells.

I really hope I don't have to tell you anymore. GO OUT AND BUY THIS CD RIGHT NOW! Don't just download it, or burn a copy BUY IT. I doubt you will listen to a better album this year.

I Am Not I Am - Dear God, We Must Return Fire

My first American band! I Am Not I Am is a fairly new band on the scene with only a single 5 song EP under their belt. When i first saw this band I was kind of driven away by the fact that they are a Christian band, but surprisingly they are not trying to shove god into every one of their songs and they make pretty decent jamz.

The album starts of with Troy Cash belting "THE CONFEDERATES HAVE ABOLISHED ME" and then continues with a song about a Southern soldier in a post-Civil War era. The song blew me away, especially for a Christian band. The Album continues with it's Post-Civil War songs in "The Real Reason The South Lost The Civil War", a some what less chaotic song with more melodic singing then the last track. "The District" comes on next, and is my favorite track on the album. It is so damn catchy, I often find my myself on my knees randomly crying out "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" and the guitar work on it is superb. Next on is "We Want Our Ashes Spread In Jersey" which is my least favorite track. Personally I think they should of just dropped the song from the EP, it would of made it a lot better. I feel this song is the only flaw on the whole album. Vocabularies is the final track on the album, it is my second favorite. The drums on it are so awesome, it blows me away, even if it is nothing super talented, I still catch myself pretending to play the drums to this song.

Overall good album. Even if you aren't Christian (I'm not) you still might like this band. If I am not mistaken they have gone on "break" and I don't think it is going to be a short one. But do give this band a try.

Bear Vs. Shark - Right Now, You're In The Best Of Hands. And If Something Isn't Quite Right Your Doctor Will Fix It In A Hurry

Bear Vs. Shark - Right Now, You're In The Best Of Hands...

Bear Vs. Shark is one of my favorite bands, I have all their albums including their 1653 demo. And I can safely say "Right Now..." is their best album. Although now broken up, most members are now in the band "Champions of History". Marc Paffi's vocals are completely unique, I am almost positive you'll find nothing like them. He really shows of the different styles he can do in the song "The Employee Is Not Afraid". "Kylie" is an excellent song. It is so mellow, but yet intense at the same time. This song sends out so many emotions that it is damn near impossible to describe. The calmest song on the album is "MPS", but is it far from the worst. This song also shows off BVS' awesome song writing. "Broken Dog Leg" is by far my favorite, but i am not sure why. It lyrically is amazing, and it so damn catchy. The guitar work is the kind that gets trapped in your head all day. Marc Paffi really out does himself with this song. All of the band does.

Bear Vs. Shark is a completely unique band, with amazing vocals, song writing, and just general music making. Please get this album and dance the night away.

Envy - All The Footprints You've Ever Left And Fear Expecting Ahead

Envy - All The Footprints You've Ever Left And Fear Expecting Ahead
I'm not sure if this is the right album art. If you know please tell me.

Envy. My Favorite Japanese band. Almost everything from Japan is good, and this is one of the best of the best. Envy mixes Screaming with an almost Post-Rock-ish sound. Zero starts off the album giving it some of its Post-Rock sound. The track is purely instrumental and displays some of the talent of the band members. After the first track ends Farewell to Words burst on with flaming intensity. You finally get to hear Tetsuya Fukagawa vocals. This was my first Envy album and when this song came on Tetsuya's voice almost made me shit my pants. I instantly fell in love with him. After the intensity of that track it only gets better. Lies And Release From Silence is the first track on the album to break 3 mins, and you won't be saddened at all by it. Left Hand then starts out with awesome riffage by Nobukata Kawai and Masahiro Tobita. These guys really know how to put passion into sound. Then, A Cradle of Arguments and Anxiousness (you have to love some of these titles!) comes on and brings you down from all the intensity of the last two tracks. It is a sort of mellow track and even has some singing on it.Next is Mystery and Peace, one of my favorite tracks on the album. It really showcases the diversity of he band, it goes from ROARING passion to mellow and back again. If you listen to just one song off this album make it this one.

Now, I leave it up to you to find out how this album continues and then ends. TRUST ME IT IS SOMETHING YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON!

Amanda Woodward - La Decadence De La Decadence

I am going to start this thing off with Amanda Woodward's La Decadence De La Decadence. This was one of the first real screamo albums i got my hands on, and it is certainly one of my favorites. I am not a big fan of France, or French people (although Paris was beautiful), but France has certainly released some of the best screamo acts of our time. This album opens up with the title tracks, which i think is one of the weaker songs on it. After the title song in comes Binaire Et Lisible, one of my favorite tracks by this band. This song would of made a lot better of an opening song then the first one. The song's intro is so catching, it pulls you right into the song and almost forces you to listen to it. The album continues on with such emotion that it almost makes me want to have a mental break down and play this album to it.

Gerome's amazing voice has emotion's that I could only dream of, it portrays anger, passion, fear and other feelings that we have yet to name. Antoine and Nico's guitar work is simple awe inspiring, if this album doesn't make you want to pick of a guitar and belt out jams like these guys then you just might not be a man. Also Antoine is one of my favorite drummers, his work in Aussitôt Mort is just as great. I would love a drum solo from this guy, i think it would bring a tear to my eye.

All in all, album is amazing. one of my favs. get it now. and hear one of the few good things to ever come out of France.

Amanda Woodward - Collection (Discography)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Moss Icon - Lybernum

I am not writing anything for cdz for a while but i do got a lot of uploads people may want, so i am doing that. Remember purely promotional, delete them. also: you want it down just ask, Sub-Pop did it and there was no problems, and i respect them a lot for it. I always thought Sub-pop was a solid label too. but enough sucking their dick, i'll get back to the uploadz