Friday, October 5, 2007

Assfactor 4 - Self-Titled

Assfactor 4 - Self-Titled

Assfactor 4. Fast. Loud. Chaotic. In Your Face.
Assfactor 4's self-titled albums is a classic to me. It was one of the first albums i got that was of that chaotic kind of hardcore, that still hard some melodic tints to it. It is not an album that makes me violent, but passionate. It is some that I could fight to, if i felt strongly about what I was fighting for, I could also see myself making sweet loves to a lady while jammin to this album. This album seems to be all over the place but yet some how tied together. It is simply amazing to me and a pure classic. So next time you're about to get it on with your lady turn them and see how it goes.

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